We are an original equipment manufacturer of high efficiency continuous chromatography systems. Our focus is on Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB) separation science and the development of highly efficient equipment using cutting edge, low cost, high quality control technology. Our combination of experience in High Purity Processes, Systems Design,  Controls Integration, Prototyping, Testing, Manufacturing and Sourcing enable us to deliver world-class separations equipment solutions.

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Purist LLC is actively working towards the development of continuous SMB chromatography separations utilizing the new Purist Halo.5 SMB System. With a license of ChromWorks® and application support from Ypso-Facto (ypsofacto.com), Purist is moving forward with a plan to combine highly integrated, state of the art hardware with rapid method development to bring lower cost … Continue reading ChromWorks®!

Purist LLC receives MTI grant for development of Halo.5

Purist, LLC has been awarded a Seed Grant from Maine Technology Institute for the development of the Halo.5 SMB system! The project objective is to bring the HALO.5 Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography System design to completion, including a complete software package in a new automation platform. The Purist HALO.5 SMBC System is an integrated 6-column … Continue reading Purist LLC receives MTI grant for development of Halo.5

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