Purist LLC is an original equipment manufacturer of high efficiency continuous chromatography systems. Our focus is on Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB) separation science and the development of highly efficient equipment using cutting edge, low cost, high quality control technology. Our combination of experience in High Purity Processes, Systems Design,  Controls Integration, Prototyping, Testing, Manufacturing and Sourcing enable us to deliver world-class separations equipment solutions.


CEO: Mike Metcalfe

Mike has been designing custom high purity and advanced technology process equipment for over 25 years, primarily for the Semiconductor Industry.  His projects include Ultra High Purity gas delivery systems, chemical handling systems, custom mini-environments, water analysis equipment, solar hot water systems, and a wide range of other equipment.  Most projects include PLC or PC based controls, with platforms from Phoenix Contact, Allen Bradley, Automation Direct, National Instruments and others.

We have the expertise in-house to design systems with market-leading performance.