HALO.5 SMB System

Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography:

Simulated moving bed (SMB) process is a highly engineered process for implementing chromatographic separation. It is used to separate one chemical compound or one class of chemical compounds from one or more other chemical compounds to provide significant quantities of the purified or enriched material at a lower cost than could be obtained using simple (batch) chromatography. It cannot provide any separation or purification that cannot be done by a simple column purification.  The single advantage which it brings to a chromatographic purification is that it allows the production of large quantities of highly purified material at a dramatically reduced cost. The cost reductions come about as a result of: the use of a smaller amount of chromatographic separation media stationary phase, a continuous and high rate of production, and decreased solvent and energy requirements. This improved economic performance is brought about by a valve-and-column arrangement that is used to lengthen the stationary phase indefinitely and allow very high solute loadings to the process.

The Purist Halo.5 Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography system is an optimized system with cutting edge, web enabled control technology.  Cloud based tools allow remote access and control.  Simulation software allows rapid method development.  Visualization software allows live elution detection and verification of performance.  The Halo.5 brings SMB to a new level of accessibility of SMB technology to broader markets.