Purist LLC receives MTI grant for development of Halo.5

Purist, LLC has been awarded a Seed Grant from Maine Technology Institute for the development of the Halo.5 SMB system!

The project objective is to bring the HALO.5 Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography System design to completion, including a complete software package in a new automation platform. The Purist HALO.5 SMBC System is an integrated 6-column SMB system designed for rapid and continuous isolation and purification of chemical compounds at a high rate of productivity. The HALO.5 unit is capable of multiple separations including:
Nutraceuticals, Bio-Molecules, API and Chiral Products, Sweeteners, Petrochemicals, Proteins, Industrial Chemicals and Vegetable and Botanical Oils.
The funding requested will be applied towards development of control system software as well as cutting edge simulation software.

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